How will you remember them?

Afterword guides families who’ve lost someone significant
through all of life’s memorial moments

A death changes life forever—we're here for everything after.

From celebrating their life, to closing digital accounts, to the grief journey yet to come.

Virtual Funerals

Our world is in a strange and unfamiliar time and now you’re facing one of life’s most difficult tasks. We might not be able to be together physically, but we can still be together.

We’ve created a package to help you plan and manage a virtual memorial as unique as your someone.

You don't have to do this alone

Unique memorial services virtually, in-person or both

Go from antiquated customs to totally customized

Shorten your to-do list of “Worst. Tasks. Ever.”

Close digital accounts with ease so you can focus on you

Grief will still be there when the casseroles stop showing up

Connect to grief communities and resources for ongoing support

What if instead of mourning, you reveled?

What if instead of stuffy hors d'oeuvres, you broke out the grill?

What if you painted their favorite spot at sunset?

What if you bowled a strike where you had your first date?

We can make that happen.

A death changes life forever—we're here for everything after

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