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Go from dusty, antiquated customs to totally customized.

Your someone’s life was full and detailed and so them. We start by letting you lead—we listen to your stories so we understand who your someone was, what they cherished, and what made them unique. Then we help pick local vendors to curate every part of your celebration including the venue, food, flowers, entertainment, activities, charitable causes, audio/visual elements and more.

Your someone was singular. They should be celebrated that way.


COVID has changed so much about how we come together.

While you might not be able to feel the physical presence of everyone who loved your someone right now, you can still be together and celebrate the important end of life rituals. How you gather depends on where you are and your preferences, so we offer virtual and in-person memorials, as well as a combination of the two. You can honor your someone however feels right.


  • Everything included in our basic package, plus:

  • 1 hour rehearsal with speakers
  • Personalized memory page for sharing recording
  • Multiple memory slideshows
  • Include visuals during eulogies

Starting at $1,195

Livestream In-Person

  • Coordinate with funeral venue*
  • Full audio & video setup
  • Professional virtual event management
  • Memorial page to share invites
  • Allow virtual guests to participate in program
  • Recording of service

* Following social distancing guidelines

Starting at $1,495


The Afterword team were incredible to work with. Responsive, compassionate, helpful and thoughtful from the very start. They worked seamlessly and professionally with the venue. Many of our guests who joined us virtually remarked that they felt like they were right there with us in person such was their experience. I really can’t thank them enough for supporting us through this time.

— Amy B

Afterword's professionalism, sincerity, skill and demeanor throughout the entire process was beyond my expectations. She was so well organized, and was able to ensure that everything we asked her was done efficiently. For our family, the prospect of doing a Celebration of Life online was so foreign and daunting, but thanks to their help, it turned out to be a beautiful and memorable service that truly honoured and celebrated my Mom's life.

— Katie S

Afterword created a seamless, beautiful, engaging, emotionally present memorial service for my mother during Covid. It was a moving service that allowed us to do things we could not have done in person, such as have friends and relatives from across the globe. They made the preparations effortless and the actual service without any stress. We are so grateful to her for this amazing way to have memorials. She is wonderful to work with!

— Liz P

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Shorten your to-do list of “Worst. Tasks. Ever.”

There is a lot on your plate. Sharing the news, flowers, memorial tributes, securing a venue that doesn’t break the bank, closing the accounts, cancelling subscriptions, taking care of others around you, and on top of it all: processing this major loss in your world.

Not sure where to start? We help you understand your someone’s digital fingerprint and let you know what social media accounts, online banking, subscriptions, and utilities they have so you know exactly what to do next.

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Your grief will still be there when the casseroles stop showing up

Grief is weird and complex and life-altering. While we know it is a reality experienced by many, going through your own process can be isolating. Things get hectic and there might be a lot of people leaning on you. It’s hard to take the time to prioritize your own mental health and well-being.

We will connect you with existing communities that have been where you are so you never have to go this alone.

A death changes life forever—we're here for everything after

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