Go from dusty, antiquated customs to totally customized.

Your someone’s life was full and detailed and so them. We start by letting you lead—we listen to your stories so we understand who your someone was, what they cherished, and what made them unique. Then we help pick local vendors to curate every part of your celebration including the venue, food, flowers, entertainment, activities, charitable causes, audio/visual elements and more.

Your someone was singular. They should be celebrated that way.


While you might not be able to feel the physical presence of everyone who loved your someone right now, you can still be together and celebrate the important end of life rituals. How you gather depends on where you are and your preferences, so we offer virtual and in-person memorials, as well as a combination of the two. You can honor your someone however feels right.

Livestream In-Person

  • Coordinate with funeral venue*
  • Full audio & video setup
  • Professional virtual event management
  • Memorial page to share invites
  • Allow virtual guests to participate in program
  • Recording of service

* Following social distancing guidelines

Starting at $995 USD

Self-Guided Memorial

We meet with you to plan the order of the service: all the speakers, song selections, and photo slideshows you may want to include. Our software will automatically mute, focus on speakers, and play media so you can be fully present.

We help load our software with your vision of the perfect memorial and then hand it over to you to manage the service your own way.

$395 USD

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What families are saying

The Afterword team were incredible to work with. Responsive, compassionate, helpful and thoughtful from the very start. They worked seamlessly and professionally with the venue. Many of our guests who joined us virtually remarked that they felt like they were right there with us in person such was their experience. I really can’t thank them enough for supporting us through this time.

— Amy B

Last minute, eleventh hour, and on New Year's Eve Afterword to the rescue. My father's service was on the following Tuesday, Afterword worked with me through New Years Day and the weekend to ensure my father's service would be flawless and flawless it was! I received many comments of the quality, clarity, sound, "camera work" of the feed. The online viewers felt as if they were in the room, participating in the service.

— Thomas M

Afterword gave me the best service I could imagine. I would give them 6 Stars if I could. They listen carefully and respond intelligently and quickly. I think I was possibly rather demanding, asking for a lot, pretty much done my own way. The response was perfect, and the memorial for my late husband was quite satisfying. My recommendation is unconditional!

— Sheridan B

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